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Illuminated Shop Signs London

Your signage is at work during the day, conveying to your customers your presence, but when darkness falls does it still reflect your business?

If you want to achieve additional awareness of your business then you may want to consider a sign which illuminates at night?

We specialise in the production of outdoor illuminated signs and neon signs that will make sure that you get seen day and night. Illumination options are vast and each project requires individual attention that we pride ourselves on giving each customer. Careful planning and design is important to ensure the sign is perfect for the businesses requirements and time spent at this stage is crucial in getting a quality sign that delivers. There are many options when it comes to digital and illuminated signs such as direct illumination which can be created using trough lighting or spot lights. There are also back-lit options for large flex-face signs using light boxes or the latest energy-efficient LEDs, which can be used to create a halo effect when lighting built-up letters or logos. With so many varieties of illumination you can rely on use to help you make the right choices to get you seen any time of day or night.

We also make vintage, fairground style signs and lettering.


Examples of Illuminated Shop Signs London

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